Crypto Founders in Argentina Unite to Create Blockchain Hub in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s Grassroots Crypto Community Aims to Establish “Blockchain Valley” in Buenos Aires

The Movement Gains Traction

The movement wants to take advantage of President Milei’s favorable view toward cryptocurrency. Argentina’s grassroots crypto community is working to establish a “Blockchain Valley” in the nation’s capital. The movement, called “Crecimiento,” which means growth in Spanish, has amassed a small following of 500, but includes prominent names in Argentina’s crypto ecosystem.

Three Worthy Goals

Crecimiento aims to establish a haven for crypto and tech founders in Buenos Aires with a three-pillared vision. It aims to lure between 5 million and 10 million people on-chain with “great products,” make Argentina’s tech startup ecosystem ten times larger, and give the nation’s startups multi-decade stability through favorable regulatory frameworks.

Argentina’s Devastated Economy

Crecimiento’s arrival in Argentina is a welcome change, considering the nation’s dismal economy. People living below the poverty line exceed 55%, double-digit inflation continues to plague the nation, and foreign direct investment has been stagnant for decades.

Founders Are Leading The Way

According to Marcelo Cavazzoli, Latin America is one of the regions that has witnessed the most improvement thanks to cryptocurrency. “Argentina is at the forefront,” he said. His firm, Lemon Cash, has been promoting Argentina as a “crypto capital” for well over a year.

Private Funding Has Arrived

Behind the scenes, private tech incubator Protocol Labs is helping to spearhead the initiative. The firm supports some of the biggest names in crypto and aims to support startups in early, middle, and late stages.

Pop Up City in Buenos Aires

In the short term, the team is preparing to have a “pop-up” city in Buenos Aires during the month of August. The goal is to build out a temporary location for crypto builders to come together, collaborate and get a glimpse at what a “crypto economic zone” can look like.

Other Cases Of Tech Hubs Around The World

These sorts of tech and founder-friendly spaces are getting created all around the world, as is the case with Switzerland’s tech hub Crypto Valley Zug, Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, and the Digital Innovation Zone in Malaysia as a few of the many examples.

The pieces are coming into place for a Crypto Silicon Valley along the La Plata River. It will now depend on Argentina’s blockchain industry to keep pushing the movement and on the government to support its growth. If nothing else, Milei’s favorite saying, “Long live freedom, damn it,” should bode well for crypto.


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