Exciting News: Chiliz and 6 Other Altcoins Announce Partnership!

Exciting Updates in the Crypto World!

Fetch.ai, Chiliz, and these 5 altcoins have news!

Scroll Launches “Session Zero” Loyalty Points Program

Ethereum’s second layer network Scroll has introduced a loyalty program called “Session Zero”. This initiative aims to reward community members for their active participation in the Scroll ecosystem through Scroll Marks. Users can earn Scroll points by bridging assets to Scroll. To qualify for the “Session Zero” rewards, users must utilize LayerZero for cross-chain ETH and wstETH to Scroll via the native cross-chain bridge and STONE. Additionally, Scroll will retroactively award points to members who have deposited assets on Scroll since October 10, 2023.

Optimism Aims to Join World Chain Management

WorldCoin recently announced the launch of a new Blockchain, World Chain, based on OP Stack. Optimism’s super-chain will be joining Superchain and interacting with other Blockchains such as Base, Mode, OP Mainnet, and Zora. World Chain plans to actively participate in Optimism’s governance, marking a significant development in the Blockchain space.

Fetch.ai and Ankr Form Partnership

Fetch.ai and Ankr have announced a strategic partnership to combine artificial intelligence with Blockchain technology. Fetch.ai will provide specialized Blockchain and AI creation tools, while Ankr will offer scalable Web3 infrastructure. This collaboration aims to simplify DApp development and foster innovation in the Blockchain sector.

Whale Increases Holdings with New Purchases

An on-chain observer reported that a whale recently purchased 3,278 ETH with 10 million USDT, increasing its holdings. The whale has been withdrawing ETH and stablecoins from Binance since April 1st, making significant investments in the cryptocurrency market.

Chiliz Prepares for a New Partnership

Chiliz founder Alexandre Dreyfus announced that the company will unveil a new partnership at the Token2049 event in Dubai. This upcoming announcement is expected to generate interest in Chiliz (CHZ) among crypto investors.

Fantasy Goes Live with Points Airdrop

The crypto trading card game “Fantasy” has officially launched on the Blast main-net after a successful testnet phase. The game allows crypto influencers to become trading cards that can be traded by users, with a 1.5% fee going to the individuals featured on the cards.

Stay tuned for more updates in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency!


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