Altseason 2024: Discover the Hidden Altcoin Gems Beyond 10-50x Gains!

Altseason 2024: Speculations and Potential Pump Candidates

CEX listings: Friend or Foe?

As Altseason 2024 approaches, the community is buzzing with excitement over potential gains that could surpass those seen in 2021. One key factor that could fuel this growth is the listing of tokens on major exchange platforms like Coinbase and Binance. In 2021, tokens like SOL and MATIC saw a 300x increase after being listed on these platforms, showcasing the impact of CEX listings on token value.

While market capitalization plays a significant role in determining a token’s value, getting listed on exchange platforms can boost a token’s value by 3–10 times almost instantly. This not only attracts more investors but also provides the project with much-needed liquidity for development.

Potential pump candidates in 2024

Eight tokens have been identified as potential pump candidates for Altseason 2024. These include NGL, ALPH, NORMIE, CPOOL, BALLZ, IXS, DEGEN, and NMT. Each token offers unique value propositions and market opportunities for investors.

For example, NGL facilitates data provision for smart contracts and is currently listed at $1.96 with a market cap of $232 million. ALPH addresses scalability and security challenges for dApps and is trading at $2.75 with a market cap of $203 million. NORMIE, a meme token for new users, is priced at $0.1237 with a market cap of $120 million.

Other tokens like CPOOL, BALLZ, IXS, DEGEN, and NMT cater to different sectors such as institutional borrowing, meme culture, and artificial intelligence. Each token presents unique opportunities for growth and investment in the upcoming Altseason.


While the potential for gains in Altseason 2024 is high, it is essential for investors to conduct thorough research before purchasing tokens. Factors like project roadmap, team authenticity, and community engagement should be considered alongside CEX listings. While not every token may experience a breakout, strategic investments based on sound research can lead to significant gains in the long run.


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