Binance discloses true identity of detained employees

Binance Staff Detained by Nigerian Government

The cryptocurrency trading giant, Binance, has confirmed that one of its staff members, Tigran Gambaryan, has been detained by the Nigerian Government. Tigran, who was hired in 2021 as a cyber crimes investigator to address compliance issues, is not a member of the management team at Binance.

Advocating for Compliance and Law Enforcement

Since joining Binance, Tigran has led the Financial Crime Compliance team and has been instrumental in developing policies and compliance capabilities. The team has assisted global law enforcement agencies in freezing and seizing over $2.2 billion worth of assets, including collaborations with US agencies like the FBI, DOJ, and DEA.

Furthermore, Tigran and his team have responded to numerous information requests from Nigerian law enforcement agencies, leading to the freezing and seizure of assets totaling over $400,000. They have also provided training sessions for Nigerian crime fighters on the role of exchanges in the digital-asset ecosystem.

A Dedicated Law Enforcement Professional

Tigran, an American citizen, has a background as a U.S. Federal Agent investigating cases involving national security, terrorism financing, and cyber crimes. He has been involved in high-profile investigations such as the Silk Road corruption case, BTC-e bitcoin exchange, and the Mt. Gox hack.

Despite no longer being in official service with the US government, Tigran remains committed to law enforcement and advocating for good governance and transparent regulatory practices.

As discussions continue between Binance and Nigerian government officials regarding Tigran’s situation, his track record as a dedicated law enforcement professional is being highlighted.

By Anthony Isibor


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