Bitcoin halves, Ethereum reduces, and meme coins proliferate

**Blockchain Tech Enables Diverse Monetary Strategies**

Bitcoin’s supply growth is set to automatically drop by 50% when next week’s “halving” arrives, Ethereum is pondering a cut in ETH issuance, and meme coin issuers are just no-holds-barred spinning up new ones. What’s clear is that blockchain tech enables all sorts of monetary strategies.

**Ethereum Foundation Proposes Reduction in ETH Issuance**

Earlier this year, Ethereum Foundation (EF) researchers proposed a reduction in the pace of new issuance of ether (ETH) tokens to reduce incentives for new stakers. The proposal aims to harden ether as a form of money by tapering its inflation rate, but some community members are pushing back, questioning the need for change.

**Meme Coin Frenzy on Solana Blockchain**

Blockchain teams are leveraging the power of creating new tokens, with projects like Pump earning millions in fees due to the meme coin frenzy on the Solana blockchain. While the legality of this token-generation business remains uncertain, it is reshaping the traditional investment banking landscape.

**EU Flags MEV as Potential Market Abuse**

The European Union markets regulator has raised concerns about maximum extractable value (MEV), where blockchain operators reorder user transactions to maximize profits, as a potential form of market abuse. Industry watchers are divided on whether MEV should be considered negative.

**Bitcoin Halving Approaching**

As Bitcoin’s fourth halving is estimated to arrive next week, the network hashrate typically takes about 57 days to recover to its pre-halving level. This event is expected to impact the cryptocurrency market and mining activities.

**New Developments in Blockchain Technology**

Various blockchain projects, including EigenLayer and Christie’s auction house, are making significant strides in the blockchain space. From restaking protocols to NFT auctions, the industry continues to evolve with innovative solutions and platforms.


The blockchain industry is witnessing rapid developments in monetary strategies, token generation, regulatory concerns, and technological advancements. As the market continues to evolve, stakeholders must stay informed and adapt to the changing landscape of blockchain technology.


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