Blockchain Technology Used by Japanese Society to Protect Dog Breeds

**Akita Inu Preservation Society Embraces Blockchain Technology for Secure Pedigrees**

*Akita Goes Global: Digital Pedigrees Meet International Demand*

The Akita Inu Preservation Society has seen a significant increase in overseas membership, prompting the need for a more secure and efficient way to deliver pedigree certificates. With numbers rising from 300 in 2022 to nearly 500 in 2023, the society is embracing the digital age to meet international demand.

Traditionally issued on paper, pedigree documents were prone to being lost in transit, leading to concerns about pedigree forgery. To address these issues, the society has partnered with a tech firm to develop a secure system using blockchain technology, the same system that underpins cryptocurrencies.

*Blockchain Unleashed: Secure Pedigrees For The Modern Dog Owner*

By partnering with Meta Akita Inc. and Heirloom Inc., the Akita Inu Preservation Society has revolutionized the way pedigree certificates are issued. Blockchain technology creates a digital ledger that tracks the ownership history of each Akita, ensuring transparency and security.

Digital certificates are now issued through a smartphone app, reducing waiting times for owners compared to traditional paper documents. This innovative approach not only provides convenience but also peace of mind for owners, knowing that their dog is purebred.

*Looking Ahead: A Tail-Wagging Example For Other Breeds*

The society’s adoption of blockchain technology sets a precedent for other dog breed organizations worldwide. As globalization connects dog lovers across borders, secure pedigree management becomes increasingly important. This forward-thinking approach not only safeguards the integrity of Akita bloodlines but also streamlines the process for international owners.

With a wag and a woof, the Akita Inu Preservation Society is leading the way in protecting tradition by embracing the future.


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