BytePlus collaborates with Mysten Labs to integrate AI into Sui Blockchain

BytePlus and Mysten Labs Collaborate to Integrate AI Algorithms in Sui Blockchain

BytePlus, a unit of TikTok owner ByteDance, has announced a partnership with Mysten Labs to integrate AI algorithms in the Sui Blockchain. This move marks BytePlus’ venture into Web3 and AI technologies, aligning with the growing interest in these areas among consumers and users.

BytePlus Strikes Deal With Mysten

Mysten Labs, the creators of the Sui layer-1 blockchain, have formed a strategic alliance with BytePlus to expand into the Web3 space. Together, they will explore data warehousing, content development, recommendation systems, and augmented reality in Web3 game platforms and socialFi initiatives.

BytePlus to Provide Multiple Services to Sui

As part of the partnership, Sui will be able to leverage ByteHouse, a cloud-native data warehouse, to analyze data from its nodes in real-time and improve performance for users. Additionally, BytePlus products like recommendation systems and content distribution networks will enhance the user experience on Sui, particularly for game development businesses and other partners.

Sui Network’s Growth Boosts SUI Token

The collaboration with BytePlus comes at a time when the Sui ecosystem is experiencing significant growth. Following the announcement of the partnership, the SUI token saw a surge in prices, reaching $1.3 per token. The total 24-hour trading volume for cryptocurrencies is $329 million, with SUI’s price increasing by 7.37% in the last day. The current market capitalization of Sui stands at $1,656,339,214.

This partnership between BytePlus and Mysten Labs signifies a significant step towards integrating AI technologies into the Sui Blockchain, enhancing its capabilities and expanding its reach in the Web3 space.


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