Cardano Founder Identifies Three Key Factors to Promote Sustainability

**Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s Founder, Emphasizes Key Catalysts for Blockchain Sustainability**

*Improving Blockchain Scalability and Transaction Volume*

In a recent discussion, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, highlighted the activation of decentralization governance, the treasury, and partner chains as crucial factors in driving blockchain sustainability. This comes as the network faces challenges such as a drop in staking rewards below 3%.

Patrick Tobler, CEO and founder of NMKR, initiated the conversation by stressing the need to increase the number of transactions on Cardano to enhance network sustainability. He expressed concerns about the decreasing profitability of staking pools and suggested replacing staking rewards with treasury funds from transaction fees.

**Cardano Founder Stresses Importance of Decentralization**

Hoskinson, on the other hand, emphasized partner chains, increased transaction volume, and ADA value appreciation as key metrics for ensuring profitability. Despite Tobler’s insistence on the necessity of more transactions, Hoskinson believes that activating decentralization governance and partner chains, along with ensuring the treasury’s functionality, are essential for Cardano’s sustainability.

While acknowledging the importance of more transactions for all digital assets, Hoskinson is focusing on operational efficiency by upgrading Cardano’s RATS pool to a functional node. As the network navigates these challenges, the debate on the best approach to achieving blockchain sustainability continues.


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