Cardano Proves Critics Wrong with Robust GitHub Activity Compared to Other Leading Layer 1 Blockchains

**Cardano Leads in Developer Engagement**

Despite criticisms for alleged abandonment, Cardano remains a top blockchain protocol in terms of GitHub activity.

**Developer Commitment Reflects Leading Position**

Cardano surpasses Ethereum and other major Layer-1 blockchains in GitHub commits, indicating strong developer engagement.

**Potential for dApp Launches and Protocol Improvements**

High commit count on GitHub suggests potential for decentralized application launches and protocol improvements.

**Price Remains Below $1 Despite Strong Developer Engagement**

Cardano’s price has stayed below $1 since April 2022, with nearly 18% in weekly losses.

**Developer Engagement vs. Price**

Developer commitment does not always directly influence price, but it shows dedication to building and securing the ecosystem.

**Refuting Abandonment Rumors**

Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson refutes rumors of Hydra project abandonment, confirming ongoing development.

**Increase in DeFi Total Value Locked**

Cardano sees an increase in total value locked in DeFi, reaching $520 million on March 14th before dropping to $385 million on March 20th.


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