eTukTuk, an Environmentally Friendly Blockchain Project, Approaches $3 Million Milestone in Cryptocurrency Presale

Eco-Friendly Blockchain Project eTukTuk Nears $3 Million in Crypto Presale

What is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is a blockchain project focused on promoting sustainable global transportation solutions by replacing traditional fossil fuel-powered tuk-tuks with eco-friendly electric counterparts called “eTukTuks,” powered by solar energy.

The project aims to transition developing countries from using traditional tuk-tuks that rely on fossil fuels to more sustainable, environmentally friendly electric vehicles. By utilizing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), eTukTuk boasts low transaction fees while aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

eTukTuk’s mission is to drive developing countries towards a sustainable future through accessible electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure. By introducing electric TukTuks, the project seeks to enable drivers to transition seamlessly to zero-emission transportation, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting financial inclusion.

Partnerships and Global Expansion Plans

eTukTuk has partnered with The Capital Maharaja Group and the Sri Lankan government to secure over 200 charging station locations in Sri Lanka, with plans for further expansion in countries where tuk-tuks are prevalent.

The project has also garnered support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka to boost the adoption of e-mobility in the country, contributing to a greener, cleaner, and more inclusive Sri Lanka.

Hard Cap and Tokenomics of eTukTuk Presale

The hard cap for eTukTuk’s presale is set at $10.7 million, with a total token supply of 2 billion TUK tokens. Staking rewards make up 21.5% of the total supply, incentivizing long-term investment. The project has passed a security audit by Coinsult, enhancing investor confidence.

Investors can purchase TUK tokens on the eTukTuk website using BNB, USDT, or debit/credit cards, with plans to list the tokens on CEX and DEX platforms after the ICO.


eTukTuk presents a vision for sustainable transportation solutions, leveraging blockchain technology and electric vehicles to address environmental concerns and promote economic opportunities in developing nations. Investors should carefully evaluate the project’s roadmap and viability before making financial commitments.

As eTukTuk continues to raise capital and expand its reach, it stands poised to drive the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions in Sri Lanka and beyond.


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