InfiniGods and Arbitrum Pave the Way for the Evolution of Blockchain Gaming

InfiniGods Partners with Arbitrum to Revolutionize Web3 Mobile Gaming with King of Destiny

Unveiling King of Destiny

King of Destiny, a Luck-Battle game, offers players a thrilling experience as they conquer civilizations, build cities, and battle monsters to achieve fame and fortune.

InfiniGods: Pioneers in Web3 Mobile Gaming

Founded in 2021, InfiniGods aims to democratize Web3 Mobile Gaming with a team of industry veterans and $16 million in funding.

Blockchain Integration: Enhancing King of Destiny

Arbitrum integration introduces features like in-game currency, digital collectibles, and rare Avatars to enhance gameplay and engagement.

Scaling King of Destiny with Arbitrum

Arbitrum’s network offers low costs, fast speeds, and a vibrant community to expand King of Destiny’s reach globally.

Showcasing the Future at GDC

InfiniGods showcased the Arbitrum integration at GDC, highlighting the impact of blockchain on gaming experiences.

Arbitrum: Empowering Decentralization

Arbitrum One provides swift, cost-effective transactions with Ethereum-level security, empowering decentralized finance and digital ownership.

Empowering Players with Ownership

Players can own and monetize in-game assets and currencies, validated by Arbitrum for transparency and seamlessness.

Seamless Transactions, Invisible Technology

InfiniGods and Arbitrum prioritize a seamless player experience with minimal transaction costs, enhancing the gaming experience.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

InfiniGods looks forward to leveraging Arbitrum’s ecosystem for user acquisition and adoption, expanding Web3 Mobile Gaming globally.

Forward Steps in Gaming Evolution

The partnership between InfiniGods and Arbitrum marks a significant advancement in blockchain integration in gaming, promising a rich and immersive gaming experience for players of King of Destiny.


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