Large-scale operation shuts down secret cryptocurrency mining facility in Saltos del Guairá

Clandestine Crypto Mining Operation Discovered in Saltos del Guairá

Authorities dismantle illegal operation stealing energy worth almost G. 2,000 million per month

SALTOS DEL GUAIRÁ.- (Cristhian Godoy- Special). The National Police, the Public Ministry, and the National Electricity Administration (Ande) joined forces to uncover a clandestine crypto-mining farm in Saltos del Guairá, where criminals were stealing energy worth almost G. 2,000 million per month.

During a raid at Km. 02 of Saltos del Guairá, authorities confiscated 833 cryptoasset processors that were illegally connected to the electrical grid using high-powered transformers. The total installed power of the operation was a staggering 7,000 kVA.

Ande has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office for theft of electrical energy, disruption of public services, and sabotage. The prosecutor in charge, Ramón Javier Ferreira, has sealed the establishment and appointed a fiscal depository on site.

The estimated monthly property damage from the illegal operation is around G. 1,922 million. Those responsible will be held accountable for the costs derived from the intervention and fines imposed.


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