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Dogecoin 20 Raises Over $5 Million in Presale, Eyes $6 Million Milestone

Dogecoin 20

2 Milestones in 1 Day! πŸŽ‰ Reaching over $5M raised now! πŸ’°

We are on a roll! 🌟 Massive shoutout to the best Community ever! πŸ™Œ

$6 million tomorrow? – Definitely! πŸ’ͺ

β€”Dogecoin 20 (@DOGE_COIN20), March 21, 2024


Dogecoin 20, a new meme coin, has already raised over $5 million during its presale, setting its sights on a $6 million milestone. The project aims to challenge its predecessor, Dogecoin, and bring passive rewards through staking.

Current Status

Currently, DOGE20 is trading at $0.000205, 47.14% above its starting price of $0.000140. The presale is ongoing, with a hard cap of $6.3 million. Users can stake their tokens to earn bonuses, with 21 million tokens reserved for this purpose.

Liquidity and Future Plans

DOGE20 has reserved 10% of its total 140-billion token supply for the Uniswap pool, ensuring liquidity for investors. The project is poised for further growth as it continues to attract interest from the crypto community.

Bottom Line

As Dogecoin 20 continues to gain momentum and raise funds, it highlights the potential for new meme coins to make an impact in the crypto market. With a strong community backing and innovative features like staking, DOGE20 is a project to watch in the coming months.


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