Saga, a Layer-1 Chain for Launching Layer 1s, Prepares for Launch

Blockchain Projects Launching New Networks and Collaborations

Saga Launches Mainnet for Infinite Horizontal Scalability

April 9: Saga, a layer-1 blockchain protocol, has launched its mainnet with a focus on infinite horizontal scalability. The team behind Saga has developed a unique blend of shared security, precise validator orchestration tools, and a seamless automated deployment pipeline to simplify the process for developers to launch their own dedicated blockchains, known as Chainlets. With a network of 350 projects, including gaming, NFTs, entertainment, and DeFi, Saga has raised $15 million to date and is the largest Binance Launchpool in history.

Open Campus Introduces EDU Chain for Education Evolution

April 9: Open Campus, a decentralized platform focused on education, is launching EDU Chain, an innovative layer-3 platform dedicated to evolving the world of education through blockchain technology. EDU Chain aims to address challenges such as access to quality education, unclear credentialing systems, and insufficient recognition and compensation for educators. The platform is pioneering the ‘learn-to-earn’ model on blockchain, leveraging Open Campus’s vast network. Collaborates with Aptos Labs for Future AI Models

April 9:, a project focused on AI DePIN compute, is partnering with Aptos Labs to leverage the safety, speed, and performance of the Aptos network for its AI products and innovations. The collaboration will also include the development of a suite of future AI models and inference products to be released on the Aptos network, with a focus on supporting payments and making AI technology more accessible.

EOS Introduces exSat for Bitcoin Indexing on EOS

April 9: EOS has presented “exSat,” a Bitcoin indexing layer on EOS that utilizes EOS RAM for storing Bitcoin state. The platform uses a hybrid mechanism of PoW, PoS, and DPoS to ensure synchronization and enable complex logic to run on Bitcoin. By supporting full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, exSat offers developers a platform to create smart contracts with lower gas fees, enhancing the scalability and utility of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Storm Labs Secures Funding for On-Chain Portfolio Manager Cove

April 9: Storm Labs has secured $3 million in funding to build Cove, the first on-chain portfolio manager that addresses the limitations of existing AMMs. Cove empowers users to build and manage custom DeFi portfolios without manual work, offering features like Cove Boosties, a Yearn-focused platform for boosted APY and early access to Cove’s governance token. The platform is optimized by Gauntlet and audited by Trail of Bits, Quantstamp, and yAudit.


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