Scroll reduces fees by 75%, but will it attract new users?

**Scroll blockchain introduces scroll-enabled blobs, reducing transaction fees by 75%**

Scroll, an Ethereum layer 2 network, recently implemented “blobs” on its blockchain, following the Ethereum Dencun upgrade. This move has significantly decreased the median transaction fee on the network from $0.62 to $0.15, marking a 75% reduction in fees.

**Point programme boosts total value of assets on Scroll blockchain**

In addition to the implementation of blobs, Scroll introduced a points programme called Session Zero to incentivize users to deposit assets on the blockchain. Since the launch of this programme, the total value of crypto assets on the Scroll blockchain has reached a record high of $195 million, with stablecoins seeing an 8% increase in deposits.

**User engagement declines despite asset value surge**

Despite the increase in asset value, metrics such as active addresses and transaction counts have seen a decline. This trend may be attributed to the high transaction fees that were previously deterring user activity on the platform.

**Future upgrades may further reduce transaction fees**

While Scroll remains the second-most expensive layer 2 network for transactions, the implementation of blobs and other upgrades may lead to further reductions in fees. As the network continues to evolve, fees are expected to decrease, potentially attracting more users to the platform.


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