Top 5 Altcoins to Purchase Based on Fibonacci Levels

**Cryptocurrency Market Plummets: Top 5 Altcoins to Watch Amidst Bearish Trend**

The cryptocurrency market has taken a sharp downturn, with the total market capitalization dropping by 7% in just two days, now standing at $2.43 trillion. This sudden decline has set a bearish tone for the week, impacting leading altcoins as sellers dominate the market.

**Bitcoin Flash Drop Sets Bearish Trend**

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, experienced a flash drop from $71,300 to $66,500, signaling a bearish trend that has started affecting other altcoins in the market.

**Investors Seek Value Amid Market Crash**

Despite the market crash, investors and optimistic observers are on the lookout for altcoins that may emerge as top performers during this dip. In line with this search for value, here are the top 5 altcoins to pay close attention to amidst the current market conditions:

**1. Near Protocol (NEAR)**

NEAR has seen a 24% drop in its price, now trading at $6.28. Traders anticipate a potential reversal following a retest, with the price potentially climbing beyond $8.43.

**2. Theta Network (THETA)**

THETA shows a potential golden crossover on the weekly chart, with the price touching $3.50. Despite a 15% decrease in value, the upcoming Bitcoin halving event may propel the token’s price to $5.28.

**3. Fantom (FTM)**

Fantom has struggled to remain above $1, with its price falling to $0.90. A potential reversal after a retest could see the price reaching $1.73.

**4. Gala Games (GALA)**

GALA faces challenges in achieving a trend reversal but presents a possible buying opportunity as the price nears the 50W EMA. The price could reach $0.18 if the upward trend regains strength.

**5. Avalanche (AVAX)**

Avalanche has undergone a substantial correction, with a 19% reduction in market value. With the altcoin season potentially on the horizon, there’s a chance for Avalanche to experience a bullish turnaround, making it a great opportunity to acquire AVAX tokens at lower prices.

As the market continues to navigate through this bearish trend, these altcoins present potential opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the market conditions.


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