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**Yuga Labs Restructures with Layoffs**

Yuga Labs, a prominent nonfungible token (NFT) company, has announced a restructuring that includes laying off employees. CEO Greg Solano cited the need to streamline corporate processes and focus on creativity as the reasons behind the decision. Solano assured staff that he has a plan in place to reorganize the company and move forward.

**EU Sees Health Benefits for Children in the Metaverse**

The European Union believes that the metaverse can have positive impacts on children’s health, despite potential risks. A government think tank highlighted the potential for virtual worlds to boost creativity, aid in healing from diseases, and promote physical health through immersive exercises.

**Executives Weigh in on Blockchain Integration in the Metaverse**

Professionals in the metaverse space remain optimistic about the future potential of blockchain integration. Imaginary Ones co-founder Clement Chia and Landvault CEO Samuel Huber both see opportunities for brands and applications in various industries within the metaverse.

**Disney’s 360-Degree Treadmill Revolutionizes the Metaverse**

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee tested a 360-degree treadmill prototype called The Holotile, which could transform the metaverse into a physical playground. The innovative device allows users to interact with virtual environments in a whole new way.

**Manchester City Partners with Quidd for Digital Collectibles**

Manchester City Football Club has entered into a partnership with Quidd to release digital collectibles. Fans will have the opportunity to unlock special experiences with the club through these digital player cards, marking a new era in fan engagement.

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