Wife of Binance executive pleads with Tinubu and President Biden to save Gambaryan from Nigerian prison death

**Wife of Detained Binance Official Raises Alarm Over Husband’s Health**

Yuki Gambaryan, the wife of detained Binance official Tigran Gambaryan, has expressed grave concern over her husband’s deteriorating health while being held in Kuje prison. Despite a court order for his transfer to a hospital for medical care, Mr. Gambaryan remains behind bars, causing his physical and mental well-being to suffer.

**Desperate Plea for Help**

In a statement released on Tuesday, Mrs. Gambaryan pleaded with President Bola Tinubu’s government to adhere to the court order and allow her husband to be transferred to a hospital. She also called on the American government to intervene and help secure her husband’s release, emphasizing the urgent need for medical attention.

“I am begging everyone who can help, including our own American government, to recognize that an innocent man’s life is at risk,” Mrs. Gambaryan said. “Please, at least let him go to the hospital so he can recover. But more importantly, let him come home to us.”

**Legal Troubles and Health Crisis**

Mr. Gambaryan collapsed in court last week while facing a money laundering charge, highlighting the severity of his health crisis. His detention stems from an arrest orchestrated by National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu in February, as part of a crackdown on cryptocurrency activities in Nigeria.

While Binance has called for Mr. Gambaryan’s release to facilitate negotiations with Nigerian authorities, the government’s actions have led to the platform’s withdrawal from the Nigerian market. Other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as OKX and KuCoin, have also made adjustments in response to the regulatory environment in Nigeria.

As Mrs. Gambaryan continues to advocate for her husband’s well-being and freedom, the international community watches closely to see how this situation unfolds.


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