Wormhole’s W Token Surges with 999% Weekly Return; VanEck Shows Optimism for Ethereum Layer 2s | Watch the Video

Ethereum Layer Twos Could Hit $1 Trillion Valuation by 2030

According to Van Eck, a prominent investment firm, Ethereum layer twos could potentially reach a staggering $1 trillion base valuation by the year 2030. The firm evaluated 46 layer two networks across various key areas and predicted the emergence of thousands of roll ups in the future. Analysts at Van Eck, Patrick Bush and Matthew Siegel, estimated that Ethereum is poised to capture 60% of the market share across all public blockchains, based on the volume of assets within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Competition among layer twos is expected to be fierce, with analysts expressing a generally bearish outlook on the sector’s performance. Hedge funds and commodity trading advisors have been increasing their net short positions on Bitcoin futures contracts, signaling a renewed interest in bearish bets amidst economic uncertainties and hawkish comments from Fed officials.

Wormhole’s W Token Pays Out Almost 1000% on Solana Protocol

In other news, Wormhole’s W token is currently offering an impressive 999% weekly payout on the Solana Protocol’s camino. The rewards on offer amount to a cumulative $7000 at current rates, in addition to a share of the trading fees generated. The pool has a maximum capacity of $7.5 million and is currently holding just under $5 million in locked funds.

Over the past 24 hours, the pool has generated $17,000 in fees from $6 million in trading volumes, showcasing the potential for lucrative returns for investors. Stay updated on the latest cryptocurrency news on coindesk.com and tune in for more updates on Coindesk Daily.


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