10 Potential 10x Gainers on Binance in 2024

New Binance Listings for 2024: A Guide for Crypto Investors


New Binance listings often create a buzz in the crypto community, with prices of newly listed coins skyrocketing upon announcement. As a savvy investor, staying informed about upcoming listings can give you an edge in maximizing your gains. In this guide, we will explore the latest Binance listings for 2024 and discuss why investing in these new coins can be a lucrative strategy.

New Binance Listings to Watch in 2024

Here is a list of some of the new Binance listings for 2024, along with a brief description of each project:

Dogecoin20 – New Dogecoin-Inspired Meme Coin With 100x Potential

Dogecoin20 is a meme coin inspired by the original Dogecoin project, offering investors a second chance to ride the wave before the next bull cycle arrives.

Green Bitcoin – Predict-to-Earn Bitcoin Alternative With Huge Rewards

Green Bitcoin provides a cost-effective alternative to Bitcoin, allowing investors to stake their tokens and earn rewards while predicting the future price of Bitcoin.

Sponge V2 – Trending Meme Coin Currently in a Stake-to-Bridge Presale

Sponge V2, a continuation of the successful V1 project, has shown significant growth potential and is currently in a stake-to-bridge presale phase.

Meme Ai – Low-Cap Meme Project With 30-Day Gains of Over 500%

Meme Ai is a new meme coin with a small market capitalization and a unique use case that allows users to generate AI memes and create NFTs.

BOOK OF MEME – The Latest Billion-Dollar Solana Meme Coin Sensation

BOOK OF MEME has quickly risen to fame as a billion-dollar Solana meme coin, experiencing significant price fluctuations since its launch.

Metis – Permissionless Layer 2 Solution for the Ethereum Ecosystem

Metis is a layer 2 network for the Ethereum ecosystem, offering faster and more scalable transactions for ERC20 projects.

Dog Wif Hat – $3 Billion Meme Coin With YTD Gains of 1,200%

Dog Wif Hat, a meme coin with no utility other than being a dog with a hat, has seen remarkable gains since its launch and listing on Binance.

Axelar – Cross-Chain Blockchain Interoperability for the Web3 Era

Axelar is a cross-chain connector focused on blockchain interoperability, enabling developers to build smart contracts compatible with over 50 networks.

Starknet – Unlimited Scalability for ERC20 Ecosystems

Starknet offers layer 2 solutions for the Ethereum network, providing unlimited scaling solutions for ERC20 ecosystems through its STARK technology.

Jupiter – Innovative Decentralized Exchange for Solana-Based Tokens

Jupiter is a decentralized exchange for Solana-based tokens, offering users fast and efficient token swapping and additional trading features.


Investing in new Binance listings can be a lucrative strategy for crypto investors looking to capitalize on the ‘Binance Effect’ and the exposure and liquidity provided by the largest crypto exchange globally. By staying informed about upcoming listings and conducting thorough research, investors can identify potential gems and maximize their gains in the ever-evolving crypto market.


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