interviews crypto expert on potential Bitcoin price outcomes post-halving

Bitcoin Price Action: ETFs and Halving Event Influence

As Bitcoin’s price continues to fluctuate, it is evident that the current market dynamics are heavily influenced by US spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and the highly-anticipated rewards-halving event. Elitsa Taskova, Chief Product Officer at Nexo, has highlighted two contrasting scenarios post-halving that could shape the future of Bitcoin.

Optimistically, if miners can leverage their holdings without direct selling, Bitcoin’s price could potentially soar to $100,000 in 2024, aligning with the sentiments of asset managers and industry pundits. However, a less favorable outcome could see Bitcoin retesting support levels around $40,000, especially if mining facilities are forced to liquidate assets for operational funding.

The introduction of ETFs has played a crucial role in propelling Bitcoin to unprecedented heights, marking several all-time peaks in a short span. As the ETF frenzy slightly dims, the focus of the crypto community shifts towards the halving event, which is expected to be a critical determinant of Bitcoin’s future price trajectory.

This upcoming halving is unique as it follows an ETF-led rally in Bitcoin’s history. Typically, the effects of reduced mining rewards on Bitcoin’s price are observed roughly six months post-halving. However, with the new backdrop of prior ETF-induced growth, predictions are more speculative, navigating through uncharted territories.

The halving event is expected to bring about major shifts within the Bitcoin mining industry. The future direction of Bitcoin’s value could establish a new price equilibrium, supporting miners amidst their hefty energy costs, or trigger a sell-off to maintain operational liquidity.

Furthermore, the substantial purchasing influence of ETFs is anticipated to surpass the usual effect of supply constriction associated with halvings. As the market cycle progresses, the actions of long-term holders become crucial in influencing market liquidity and sentiment.

With Bitcoin achieving a record peak before the halving, the cycle’s evolution resembles previous patterns when aligned with the April 2021 highs. As the market continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how ETFs and the halving event will shape the future of Bitcoin’s price action.


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