BlackRock Launches $240 Million Money-Market Fund Using Blockchain Technology

**BlackRock Launches Innovative Money-Market Fund Utilizing Ethereum Blockchain**

BlackRock, a leading asset manager, has recently launched a groundbreaking money-market fund that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain for recording share ownership. In just one week since its debut, the fund has attracted over US$240 million, showcasing its appeal in the financial industry. This fund offers treasuries management, derivative creation, and stablecoin alternatives as key use cases within the crypto space.

**The BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund**

The BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund operates by investing in cash, US Treasury bills, and repurchase agreements. Investors are rewarded with a unique cryptocurrency called BUIDL, valued at $1 per token. The fund utilizes digital wallets approved by Securitize, enabling seamless transfers of BUIDL tokens to other validated addresses.

**BlackRock’s Crypto Advocacy and Mainstream Acceptance**

BlackRock has been a vocal advocate for cryptocurrency within the traditional financial sector. The launch of the tokenized money-market fund further solidifies its commitment to embracing digital currencies and blockchain technology. The fund serves as a bridge between traditional finance and the evolving world of digital assets.

**Three Key Use Cases**

The tokenized fund offers three primary use cases, including treasuries management for crypto companies and DAOs, a foundation for derivative creation, and an alternative to stablecoins and collateral for borrowing and trading. These use cases contribute to the fund’s growing appeal and market relevance.

**Institutional Credibility and Security**

Managed by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, the tokenized fund instills confidence in investors due to its institutional nature and the absence of counterparty risk associated with crypto companies. The partnership between BlackRock and Securitize Markets ensures regulatory compliance and facilitates seamless token transfers.


BlackRock’s tokenized money-market fund represents a significant milestone in the convergence of traditional finance and the crypto ecosystem. With its innovative use of the Ethereum blockchain, the fund offers a secure, transparent, and efficient investment vehicle that is gaining traction among investors. Backed by BlackRock’s expertise and reputation, this fund is set to revolutionize treasuries management, derivative creation, and stablecoin alternatives within the crypto space.


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