Dominic Williams, Creator of DFINTIY, Discusses Decentralized AI, AI DApps, Blockchain Hosting for AI Models, and Multichain DeFi

Exclusive Interview with Dominic Williams: The Future of AI on the Internet Computer Blockchain

The Future of AI is Smart Contracts

In a recent interview with Cryptonews Podcast host Matt Zahab, Dominic Williams, the Founder and Chief Scientist of the DFINTIY Foundation, discussed the promising future of AI on the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. Williams highlighted the potential for AI models to operate entirely on the blockchain without the need for centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services.

AI and Blockchain are Perfect Partners

Williams emphasized the importance of decentralization in AI projects, noting that AI and blockchain are the perfect partners for creating tamper-proof and unstoppable compute platforms. He discussed the potential for AI models to run as smart contracts on the Internet Computer blockchain, enabling users to interact with AI in a secure and efficient manner.

Power of AI-Based DeFi

Williams also touched on the power of AI in decentralized finance (DeFi), highlighting how AI can simplify complex transactions for everyday users. He discussed the convenience of using AI to execute trades and transactions based on verbal instructions, making it easier for users to engage with DeFi platforms.

Hosting AI Models on Blockchain

Running AI models as smart contracts on the Internet Computer blockchain involves a certain amount of replication, according to Williams. He explained how the blockchain allows users to choose the level of replication for their AI models, ensuring security and resilience. Williams also shared insights into the future development of the blockchain to support larger AI models and improve efficiency.

Creating Utopia

Looking ahead, Williams discussed the development of Utopia, a project that aims to enable private Internet Computers for enterprise sectors, governments, and NGOs. He highlighted the potential for Utopia to create tamper-proof and unstoppable online systems and services, emphasizing the importance of security and decentralization in the digital world.

The Three Lanes of Blockchain Technology

Williams concluded the interview by discussing the three lanes of blockchain technology, with the Internet Computer blockchain residing in the “third lane” as a serverless cloud for creating online systems and services. He emphasized the need to communicate the unique capabilities of the Internet Computer blockchain compared to traditional blockchains hosting smart contracts.

Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into the future of AI on the Internet Computer blockchain and the potential for AI and blockchain to revolutionize the digital landscape.


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