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Ethereum Validators Surpass One Million, Locking Over $117 Billion

Recent statistics have shown that validators on the Ethereum network have crossed the 1 million threshold, with multi-billion dollars locked on the Beacon Chain. Evan Van Ness, Ethereum’s Former Chief Decentralization Officer, called attention to this development in a recent post on X.

Van Ness cited statistics aggregated by analyst Hildobby via the data analytics platform Dune, which shows that ETH validators now exceed 1,000,911.

At press time, the updated records show that Ethereum has 1,002,488 validators who have staked 32,079,608 ETH tokens on the network. Considering ETH’s market value of $3,650, the monetary value of the staked tokens amounts to a staggering $117,090,569,200.

Lido Finance stands out among the primary validators within the Ethereum network, holding the largest share at 30%. Following closely are centralized exchanges Coinbase and Binance, with 14% and 3.85% respectively. Notable contributors to the roster of ETH validators also include Kraken, Upbit, and Frax Finance.

According to data from the on-chain analytics platform Nansen, there has been a consistent increase in the number of ETH tokens locked in the Ethereum staking contract over the past year.

For instance, the Ethereum staking contract held 28.98 million tokens two months ago. Also, a year ago, it contained 18.4 million ETH. The latest record indicates that this figure has nearly doubled since last year.

Over the past three months, the most significant inflows to the Ethereum staking contract have been attributed to Ether.Fi, Lido, Renzo, Mantle, and Everstake. Among these, Ether.Fi stands out with the highest net positive flow of 776,767 ETH, equivalent to over $2.83 billion. Lido witnessed substantial net inflows of $1.67 billion through the same period.


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