The Perspective Exchange and Community Celebrate Halfing Day and Altcoin Season

INDODAX Collaborates with Crypto Communities to Discuss Strategies for Bitcoin Halving Day

Discussion on Dealing with Bitcoin, Altcoin Season, and Potential Coins in 2024

JAKARTA – Based on calculations in the INDODAX application, there are 19 days remaining towards the Bitcoin halving day momentum. Therefore, this time, INDODAX collaborates with crypto communities to discuss strategies for dealing with Bitcoin, tips on facing altcoin season, and coins that have the potential to be bullish and bearish in 2024.

This discussion was held in the series “Bukber Takjil: Temu Akrab Jalin Silaturahmi” organized by INDODAX with the crypto community in Indonesia with the theme “All Can Trading”.

INDODAX CEO Oscar Darmawan said that one way to deal with the momentum of the halving and altcoin season is by diversifying the portfolio using the Dollar Cost Averaging technique.

Diversification helps investors to reduce risks by not putting all eggs in one basket. Investors can allocate their funds to various types of crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, altcoins, and stablecoins using dollar cost averaging techniques,” said Oscar Darmawan, in his statement, Thursday, March 28.

Oscar Darmawan also explained that the dollar cost averaging a strategy of investing in crypto regularly where an investor can regularly buy crypto assets in fixed amounts on a predetermined schedule, regardless of the price of the asset at the time of purchase.

“As a trusted crypto exchange in Indonesia, INDODAX now has a new feature to help investors invest in dollar-averaging (DCA) techniques, which are named routine investment features. This feature allows investors to invest regularly every month in the same amount,” explained Oscar Darmawan.

Oscar Darmawan also explained that the dollar cost averaging (DCA) technique will help investors to buy potential crypto assets regularly, thus creating a consistent and healthy investment concept every month.

Meanwhile, a representative from the Cuanin crypto community, Aryad Satriawan, emphasized that one strategy to face the momentum of the Bitcoin halving is not to delay in purchasing Bitcoin.

“When asked when is the right time to buy Bitcoin, the answer is now. Because if you look at the historical trend, the price of Bitcoin tends to always rise, with fluctuations classified as minor. Regarding the steps after Halving occurs, it is important to continue to monitor the narrative and global sentiment. If the main goal is to secure assets, then Bitcoin can be the right choice. However, if you want to make a profit, it is advisable to diversify into various types of other coins,” said Aryad.

On the other hand, crypto investors must also prepare to welcome the altcoin season. According to representatives from the Algotrading crypto community, Edwin Ardyanto, one way is to create a trading plan and spread it to the top 100 crypto coins. That can help traders to maximize the profits to be achieved.

“In the Algotrading community, we take advantage of an automated trading system that uses a coding and algorithm. So the process of when to sell and when to buy will happen automatically. Therefore, the right way to deal with altcoin season according to Us is to create a trading plan to spread the portfolio to the top 100 crypto coins. After dissemination, the system created by Algotrading will sell and buy coins automatically,” said Edwin.

INDODAX hopes that this discussion can provide a more in-depth understanding to crypto investors in dealing with market dynamics and taking advantage of the potential for crypto investment optimally.


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