Update on Mt. Gox creditors receiving payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for claims

Mt. Gox creditors receive updates on bitcoin and fiat repayments

Creditors receive fiat repayments

Multiple Mt. Gox creditors have reported that the trustee has updated claim accounts with bitcoin and fiat repayment data. According to users of the Mt. Gox insolvency subreddit, specific amounts to be repaid and dates of completion of repayment have been added to their claim accounts.

“I just logged in and it finally populated the repayment table with JPY, BTC and BCH claims. Nothing received yet though,” an individual claiming to be a creditor said on Reddit.

Multiple screenshots show that the repayment status in the fiat currency repayment claim section is labeled complete. A number of users have claimed that they received fiat currency repayments in their bank accounts. “Money received as USD into an HSBC currency account and looks like zero fees,” one individual claiming to be a Mt. Gox creditor wrote on Monday.

The subreddit user added that the fiat transfer arrived in their bank account more than a month after the fiat currency repayments part of the table was updated. “Table had been updated March 15 first then April 8 second then April 18 when BTC lines arrived,” the Redditor stated.

Mt. Gox was founded in 2010 and became the largest bitcoin exchange globally until the platform suffered a security breach in 2014, resulting in the loss of 850,000 bitcoin.

In September 2023, the trustee of the now-defunct exchange announced that creditors would be reimbursed with 142,000 bitcoin and 143,000 bitcoin cash, as well as fiat currency totaling 69 billion Japanese yen ($510 million), by a new deadline of October 2024.


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